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Release Data

Release Date: August, 1989

Publisher/Developer: Enix     

Genre: RPG

Players: 1                 

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System


Dragon Warrior, also known as Dragon Quest, is a turn based RPG for the NES that was released in 1986 in Japan and 1989 in North America. The player is free to explore the world in any manner he or she chooses granted that their character is a high enough level and equipped with good gear. Like many games of it’s time, DW’s battles occur randomly aside from a few scripted fights that are crucial to the plot. Players can use magic and herbs to heal themselves and must be able to manage their resources reasonably well in order to achieve victory.

The ultimate goal of Dragon Warrior is to defeat the evil Dragon Lord who threatens to conquer the land and has sent all sorts of demons to invade the kingdom. Your character is the descendant of Erdrick, the hero who destroyed the Dragon Lord in ages past and has been summoned by King Lorik in his time of need. The King grants you some gold and bids you good luck as you set off on your quest.


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