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Release Data

Developer: Now Production

Publisher: Bandai

Release Date: June 1990

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Shooter

Players: 1


Dragon Spirit: The New Legend is a fantasy themed vertical shooter for the NES. It places players in control of Lace, a human with the power to transform into a dragon. Lace is on a quest to defeat the evil Galda, who is using a massive army to conquer the world.

As with most shooter players have to fly through several stages while shooting down enemies and dodging bullets. Each stage has its own theme that includes the paleozoic era, a volcano, and a swamp among others. The player is given a life bar that allows him or her to take a few hits before dying as well as several extra lives.

Players can also obtain a number of powerups by defeating monsters or blowing up dragon eggs. These include upgraded fireballs, an extra head that shoots fire, speed boosts, and two smaller dragons that assist the player. Enemies attack from the ground as well as from the sky and players will have to use the dragon’s alternate fire to hit ground based targets. Dragon Spirit: The New Legend also features cutscenes that elaborate on the game’s plot.


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