Dragon Quest VI Experience and Rare Item Farming Guide (DS)

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Dragon Quest VI Experience and Rare Item Farming Guide

~ by tankMage (March 2017)


   This guide is meant to serve as a reference for those who wish to grind experience effectively late in the game or acquire rare items. The first section details methods for hunting Metal King Slimes as a means of leveling up quickly at the end of the game. Part two outlines how to farm rare items using a party of thieves and discusses the finer points of the strategy. There is also a brief section on gold farming and a list of rare item drops and where the enemies that hold them can be found.

Part 1: Experience Farming

   If you’ve played Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation for any amount of time, you may have noticed that the exp requirements for level ups get steep rather quickly. In fact, they become astronomical at higher levels and players who want to max out their party levels will have their work cut out for them. Fortunately, there is a genus of slime called metal slimes that grant massive experience rewards to the party, which can make leveling up much faster. This guide will focus on how to grind experience from the illusive Metal King Slime quickly and effectively. For the record, I urge players to avoid fighting metal slimes until the end of the game, because keeping the party’s levels as low as possible makes mastering classes much easier.

The Metal King Slime

   It’s helpful to understand your enemy before setting out to destroy it. First of all, Metal King Slimes (MKS) are most commonly found around the Prison of Sorrow in the Dread Realm near the end of the game. According to the Dragon Quest Wiki, they have 20 HP, 350 Agility, and 999 Defense. In my experience these enemies usually appear alone, but sometimes appear in groups of two or three. They often flee from battle and are highly resistant to magic as well as physical attacks, but yield a whopping 30k experience a piece. They also sometimes drop a Duplic Hat, which allows a character to cast a spell twice per turn, making them more than worthwhile to fight.

Getting Prepared

   Since the MKS likes to run from battle and is hard to kill, players will often have trouble slaying them, but having the right skills, party, classes, and gear can dramatically raise your chances of success. Here’s a breakdown of what players will need to successfully grind Metal King Slimes.


   For the most part weapons will have limited impact on the outcome of an MKS fight, but it’s wise to equip the best stuff you have on hand in order to fend off any other fiends that may fight alongside your quarry. Hela’s Hammer is a feasible choice in some cases, however. The hammer has about a 50/50 chance of hitting a foe, but always lands a critical when it does, which makes it viable for killing an MKS in a single shot, if you are lucky.

Armor and Accessories

   Much like with weapons, any armor will do. Of course, stronger is better. I would avoid using the cursed Hela’s Armor, however, because it reduces its user’s agility to zero, which isn’t at all helpful in a fight where speed is of the essence. As for accessories there’s two that are highly beneficial for grinding Metal King Slimes: the meteoric bracer and the agility ring. I recommend putting these items on your fastest characters for maximum effect. With the right class, character, and a high enough level, some characters should be able to surpass the MKS’ 350 agility rating and get a shot in before it has a chance to flee.


Battle skills are actually the single greatest factor in slaying an MKS. The most effective skills are as follows:

Hatchet Man: This skill can be obtained by mastering the warrior class and will be your best bet for killing an MKS in a single shot at lower levels. Hatchet Man has a high chance of missing, but will cut through enemy defenses if it connects. Three or four characters using this skill have a good chance of landing a hit on an MKS before it runs.

Metal Slash: This skill can cut through a Metal King Slime’s defence and has much higher accuracy than Hatchet Man, but does little damage. You’ll also need to have mastered gladiator to get Metal Slash, but it is a viable choice, especially for more powerful characters.

Falcon Slash: This skill may do in a pinch and can be workable with very powerful characters, but I do not recommend it aside from being a last resort.


  Choosing the right class can have a positive effect on the outcome of a battle with a Metal King Slime as well. Classes with high attack and/or agility will perform against Metal King Slimes better overall and a few classes have abilities that are highly desirable for fighting them. Let’s take a look at some of the more viable classes for MKS hunting:

Thief: I highly recommend having a thief (or four) in the party in order to make use of the class’s high agility and potentially strike first. Thieves also steal items from time to time and there’s a slim chance you will get a Duplic Hat from an MKS.

Dragon: You can teach someone this class with a Dragonic Diligence Scroll or just use Lizzie. While Dragons don’t learn any useful MKS killin’ skills, they do have a higher rate of getting surprise attacks on enemies at the start of a battle and get a hefty bonus to strength which synergizes well with Metal Slash. A chance to have all four characters launch their attacks at an MKS before it even gets to react is well worth having a Dragon in the party. The Dragon Class’s surprise attack ability does not seem to stack, so you’ll only need one in your party.

Hero: This class has powerful stats and heals automatically, which makes it a good choice for Metal King Slime hunting.


  First, go to the Prison of Sorrow; you should be able to zoom there once in the Dread World granted that you have already visited the location. In my experience, I most frequently encountered Metal Slime Kings in the southwest quadrant of the area near where you enter it for the first time. At this point in the game, you should be roughly level 40 and have access to all of the gear and abilities listed above. It’s very important to set your heroes to “follow orders” under the tactics option in order to force them to use Hatchet Man or Metal Slash when you encounter an MKS. Ignore the other enemies (if any) until the slime has been dealt with. The slimes usually group together in battles, but sometimes you may encounter three slimes separated into two groups; in such cases have everyone target the larger group. With any luck, Hatchet Man (or Hela’s Hammer) should land at least once before they run away. There will be times when your quarry escapes, but don’t get discouraged, much of grinding experience from these foes is based on luck at first. As you level up, you’ll be able to deal with Metal King Slimes more efficiently and Metal Slash will eventually become more viable.

Part 2: Farming Gold and Rare Items

   Players, especially completionists and power levelers who want super strong characters, may want to collect the various stat improving items (such as life and magic seeds) as well as a few rare pieces of gear. There may also be points where you are short on gold and need to turn a quick buck. This section provides advice and easily referenced item drop lists for those interested in gathering rare items and/or gold.

Rare Item Farming with a Thief Party

   Thieves sometimes automatically steal items from enemies after battle. Stolen items correspond with those normally dropped by each monster, so having one or more thieves in the party essentially grants the player another chance to obtain the desired item. While not confirmed at this point, there seems to be a correlation between a character’s mastery of the class and how likely he/she is steal an item, so it is possible that a character who has mastered thief will be more likely to steal an item than a character who has just taken up the class. Here are a few important points to keep in mind while farming with a thief:

-DQ6 is stingy with item drops and players can only receive one chest or stolen item per battle.  

-Fighting large groups of enemies increases the odds of stealing an item, since the drop rate is checked for individual monsters.

-Having four thieves in the party will greatly increase your chances of obtaining an item.

-Drop rates tend to be very low (for most seeds and high quality items it’s 1/256) so be ready to dedicate large amounts of time to getting a Duplic Hat or some seeds of strength.


   Since thieves tend to be rather weak in terms of stats, you may want to choose characters that have access to powerful spells and abilities so you can destroy enemies as quickly as possible. Skills like Kaboom and Gigaslash are especially useful for farming with an all theif party, because the class has high agility and can launch these powerful skills quickly, but you will want to avoid using stat dependant skills like multifist due to their low stats until they have reached a high enough level.       

Merchant Gold Farming

   First of all, this is not a great gold making method and probably won’t be necessary for most people, but if you require some extra coin and need to level up the merchant class, then you may want to consider making a four merchant party. Merchants gain some extra gold after every battle. While the amount of bonus gold varies depending on each character’s mastery level of the class and how much gold the defeated enemy drops, a party of merchants can pocket a pretty penny. In fact a character who has mastered the merchant class gets a 25% gold bonus after each battle, spread that across a full party of merchants and you’ll make twice as much gold as you would normally. Of course, merchants are not terribly strong and (as I said before) there’s plenty of better ways to make money, but this strategy is worth considering since almost everyone must master this class in order to unlock hero. The Goodie Bags that appear in Murdaw’s Lair are great targets for a merchant party, because they drop a tremendous amount of gold normally and the merchant’s ability to find extra gold will really pay off from grinding them.

Rare Item Drops

   Below is a brief list of items that includes the monsters that drop them and where they can be found. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and not all enemies locations, or drops are contained in it. Most items in this list have a 1/256 chance of dropping, while those marked with an asterix have an extremely low chance of about 1/4000, so even with a party of four thieves, your chances of receiving many of these items are rather slim. The information in this list has been compiled from Behindtheword’s excellent DQ6 walkthrough which can be found on Gamefaqs via this link: https://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/942424-dragon-quest-vi-realms-of-revelation/faqs/61854

Bunny Suit

Sputterfly (Felonia, Real World)

Duplic Hat

Metal King Slime (Mortamor’s Dreadlair, Dread World)

Falcon Blade

Overkilling Machine (Pillar of Pegasus, Real World)


High Djinks (Pillar of Pegasus, Real World and The Prison of Sorrow, Dread World)

Happy Hat

Liquid Metal Slime (Felonia, Real World)

Kamikaze Bracer

Rock Bomb (Clearvale, Dream World)

Kerplunk Bracer

Bomboulder (Felonia, Real World)

Lucida Shard

Fuddleguana (Suite Dreams, Dream World)

Magic Water

Cure Slime (Mt. Snowhere, Real World)

Metal King Helm

Loss Leader (Mortamor’s Dreadlair, Dread World)

Prayer Ring

Heal Slime* (Scrimsely, Real World)

Hirsute Hexer (Pillar of Pegasus, Real World)

Pretty Betsy

Hell Nino* (Isle of Murdaw, Real World)

Bloody Hand (Pescado, Real World)

Dark Crawler (Mortamor’s Dreadlair, Dread World)

Restless Heart

King Slime (Pescado, Real World)

Seed of Agility

Gaaurdvark (Underkeep, Dream World)

Muddy Hand (Clearvale, Real World)

Kisser (Greedmor Mine, Dread Realm)

Seed of Life

Burning Man (Under Keep, Dream World)

Haunted Mirror (Speigelspire, Dream World)

Corpse Corporal (Mt. Snowhere, Real World)

Seed of Magic

Devil Glass (Moonmirror Tower, Real World)

Sorcerer (Murdaw’s Keep, Real World)

Cutter Fly (Mt. Snowhere, Real World)

Seed of Resilience

Malevolamp (Isle of Murdaw, Real World)

Shadow (Moonmirror Tower, Real World)

Shell Slime (Castle Swanstone, Real World)

Malevolantern (Mt. Snowhere, Real World)

Iron Tortoise (Prison of Sorrow, Dread Realm)

Seed of Strength

Porker (Hazy Heights, Real World)

Low Djinks (Mt. Snowhere, Real World)

Living Statue (Gallows Moor, Dread Realm)

Seed of Wisdom

Scorching Man (Murdaw’s Keep, Real World)

Ewwwnicorn (Hallowed Hollow, Real World)

Stinkerbell (Cave to Aridea, Dream World)

Mythsteed (Pillar of Pegasus, Real World)

*Very low drop rates.

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