Dragon Crystal (SMS)


Genre: RPG (Rogue-like)                           

Release date: 1991

Developer: Sega                                            

Players: 1

Platform: Sega Master System (Europe) Game Gear (NA)


    One day while you are riding your bike, you take a shortcut down an alley and a strange antique store pops up right in front of you. Of course you go in the store and are drawn to a mysterious crystal ball. You suddenly awaken in a mysterious land with an equally enigmatic egg following you. No mystery world is complete without monsters so be ready to grab some weapons and defend thyself! Dragon Crystal is a Rogue-like that was developed for the Sega Master System and Game Gear. This game does not support saves and death is permanent….unless you have enough gold to continue. Players must pick their way through several procedurally generated areas while battling monsters and grabbing weapons, armor, and scrolls as well as other standard RPG goodies. The egg that follows the player around eventually hatches as the player character levels up. Gameplay is fairly simple and progress is achieved by finding the exit to each floor. Items are not identified until you use or equip them, so beware cursed weapons and potions of daze!

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