Doom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles (SNES)

Developer: Adrenaline Entertainment

Publisher: Playmates

Release Date: November, 1995

System: Super Nintendo

Genre: Run and Gun/Platformer

Players: 1-2


Set in the future, Doom Troopers: Mutant Chronicles follows the adventures of Mitch Hunter and Max Steiner as they battle the forces of the Dark Legion. Led by Algeroth, the rampaging Dark Legion has conquered several worlds in the Solar System and built citadels to control their new territory. The mega corporations that run the Solar System have dispatched the Doom Troopers in a desperate bid to survive. Players can control Mitch or Max as they purge the planets of the Dark Legion.

Each hero has his own weapons, with Mitch using a fast firing carbine and Max wielding a pair of slow, yet powerful pistols. Players must clear several stages on each planet before fighting a boss that controls the Dark Legion citadel that dominates each world. Both characters can shoot enemies from a distance or grapple them and finish them off with a close range gun blast. Players can also aim their hero’s weapons in eight directions. 

Special weapons like fireballs and rockets that deal extra damage can be acquired by picking up items from boxes. Standard and special weapons have limited ammo that can be refilled by picking up more power ups. Max and Mitch can also fall back on melee attacks should they run out of ammo or simply wait for their guns to recharge a bit. This game features limited continues and a password system.

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