Disaster Report (PS2)

Developer: Irem

Publisher: Agetec

Release Date: February 2003

Platform: PlayStation 2

Genre: Action/Survival

Players: 1


   Disaster Report is an action game made for the PS2 set on an earthquake stricken artificial island from which the player must escape. Keith Helm, the main character, is a reporter who was caught in the earthquake while traveling to Stiver Island via train. Players will have to keep Keith alive by avoiding hazards and maintaining his hydration levels. During the game Keith will meet other survivors and learn more about the island. Players can gather various healing items, food, and tools to help them escape as they explore the city. There are multiple paths through the game, different endings, and hidden collectibles that can be discovered. Puzzles, platforming, and even a rafting event await players in Disaster Report, which is roughly about ten hours long.

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Saves (PCXS2)


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