Dinosaurs for Hire (Sega Genesis)


Genre: Run and Gun/Platformer                             

Release date: 1993

Developer: Malibu Interactive                                 

Players: 1-2

Platform: Sega Genesis


Dinosaurs for Hire is a Contra-esque Shoot ‘em up based on the comic book series of the same name. Archie the Tyrannosaurus, Reese the Stegosaurus, and Lorenzo the Triceratops are gun toting alien dinosaurs that crash landed on earth (yes you read that correctly). Being stuck on our backwater planet they do what any self respecting dino would and hire out as mercenaries. The game chronicles the dinosaurs’ adventures as they blast their way through hordes of enemies. Each of the playable characters seem to vary from each other slightly in terms of agility and durability as well as aesthetically. Players start with a basic assault weapon  that eventually can be upgraded to powerful spread fire that is lost upon dying. There are a number of enemies to gun down and powerful bosses waiting at the end of each stage. Some fairly light platforming is thrown in to add some flavor to the game, so players should be on the lookout for pitfalls. Bonus lives, health refills, gun upgrades, and extra smart bombs (a weapon that can clear the screen of enemies) are hidden throughout the stages. As with most action games, the playable characters have a life bar that decreases when hit and are considered dead once it is empty. The game starts players out with several lives and 3 continues (which can be increased or decreased in the options). The difficulty level of the game can be adjusted as well if you find the action to be too easy or tough.
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