Dick Tracy (Sega Genesis)


Developer: RealTime Associates                  

Publisher: Bandai

Release Date: 1990 (US) 1991(Europe)      

Genre: Platformer

System: Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)            

Players: 1


  Dick Tracy is a platformer based upon the 1990 movie of the same name. The notorious criminal known as Big Boy and his gang are running rampant in the city and it’s up to super sleuth, Dick Tracy to stop him in his tracks.  Players maneuver in a manner similar to all platformers, but have to keep an eye on the background for enemies who pop out at fire at the player from time to time. Good thing Dick has a Tommy Gun that he can use to mow down the enemies at a distance! A normal pistol is the player’s primary means of dealing with foes on the same plane as Dick, although in some stages he will run out of ammo and is forced to use his firsts to dispense justice. Not only will Dick Tracy have to fight an assortment of normal crooks, but he will also face off against Big Boy’s top men like Flat Top and Itchy. A shooting gallery sequence where players can pick off baddies for extra lives and continues is sandwiched in between the fighting stages, just don’t shoot the innocent!
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