Dick Tracy (NES)

Developer: Realtime Associates 

Publisher: Bandai

Release Date: August, 1990

System: Nintendo Entertainment System

Genre: Platformer/Adventure 

Players: 1


In Dick Tracy, players control the famous comic book detective as he investigates a crime wave sweeping through the city. Dick will have to solve five cases by visiting crime scenes, brawling with crooks, and collecting clues. Infamous Dick Tracy bad guys like Flat Top and Itchy are in on the scheme, so the going won’t be easy. Dick will have to bring the crime bosses in one by one to get them to talk.

There are three different gameplay modes in this title. The first is a simple driving mode where the player must drive through sniper fire and past hostile vehicles in search of the area Dick must investigate. The car is susceptible to damage and the game will end once all of its energy is depleted. After finding a building, the player can exit the car and go inside. Most buildings are home to thugs that will try to beat the detective up or shoot him. Players have to be careful about how they deal with the bad guys, because using a gun on an unarmed villain or arresting the wrong person counts as a strike. Three strikes in a single case and Dick is out.

After exploring a location, players will find the necessary clue and move onto the car chase portion of the case, which takes place in the overhead map of the city. Dick comes armed with his fists and handgun. Over the course of the game he will find bullets, first aid kits, and other powerups to assist him. This game uses a password system that allows players to start where they left off if they die or take a break.

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