Diablo (PSX)


Release date: March 1998         

Genre: Action RPG

Developer: Blizzard North        

Players: 1-2

Platform: Sony PlayStation


    An ancient evil that was sealed under the cathedral at Tristram for many generations has awoken. Diablo, the Lord of Terror, uses the cathedral as his base of operations from which he terrorizes the town and surrounding countryside with an army of demons. You arrive in Tristram to find the town in shambles and the king slain. The few huddled survivors recount the horrors of Diablo’s attacks to you in hopes that a hero may save them. Your mission is to travel into the labyrinth beneath the cathedral and slay Diablo in order to spare the lives of the townspeople and prevent the Lord of Terror from wreaking havoc throughout the world.

   Diablo, an Action RPG initially created for PC and Mac, was ported to the Sony PlayStation and released for that platform in March 1998. Players must brave sixteen brutal floors of a deadly labyrinth filled with a variety of demons, undead, and other nameless horrors. On the way you will find a variety of weapons, rings, spells and potions to aid you in your quest. Players can choose from three classes: the mighty Warrior, the versatile Rogue, or the spell slinging Sorcerer. Diablo’s two player mode allows a friend to join in the action for twice the fun.
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