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Release Data

Developer: Naxat/Red

Publisher: NEC

Release Date: 1990

Platform: Turbo Grafx 16

Genre: Pinball

Players: 1-2


Devil’s Crush is a supernatural horror themed pinball game for the TG16. The object is to score points by launching the ball in order to hit various goals on the machine. Three sets of flippers positioned along the board allow player to hit targets and keep their ball out of the gutter at the bottom of the machine. Losing the ball to the gutter will cost the player one ball and it’s Game Over if you lose them all. Hitting certain goals, like the castle tower near the bottom of the screen will spawn an object that will block the gutter for the player. There are also special bonus games with their own objectives that can be accessed by getting the ball into certain pockets. A save feature allows players to pick up where they left off with a battery save file or password.


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