Deus Ex (PC)

Developer: Ion Storm

Publisher: Eidos

Release Date: June 2000

Platform: Windows PC

Genre: FPS, RPG

Players: 1


   Deus Ex is an FPS game with stealth and RPG elements that was released in 2000. In the year 2052, a cybernetically enhanced agent named JC Denton is given his first mission: Capture the leader of the terrorist unit occupying the Statue of Liberty. JC will have to use his skills and cybernetic abilities to complete the mission, uncovering a vast conspiracy in the process. Players can utilize different tactics that range from sneaking to shooting everything in sight to fulfill Denton’s objective. As a cyborg, JC can install special powerups called augmentations that give him the ability to turn invisible, heal from damage, and breathe under water among other things. JC’s arsenal of weapons ranges from flamethrowers to wrist mounted crossbows and players can upgrade many of these weapons using modifications that can be found or bought from NPCs. Players can also upgrade Denton’s skills to improve his performance with weapons and tools using skill points. These skill points are awarded to players for exploring and completing in-game goals. A fair sized cast of NPCs will give players information, sell items, and ask for favors. There are also several areas to explore and missions to accomplish. Deus Ex is about 20-30 hours long and has three endings.

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