Descent (PS1)

Developer: Parallax Software

Publisher: Interplay Productions

Release Date: March 1996

Genre: First Person Shooter

System: PS1

Players: 1-2


In Descent, the solar system is plagued by an alien computer virus that has turned the robots against humanity. Players control a mercenary who has been hired to fly into the mines scattered around the solar system and eliminate the infected robots. The going won’t be easy as these mines are filed with aggressive machines that will defend themselves. The player’s ship is equipped with upgradable lasers and missiles. Homing missiles can also be obtained. The ship itself is defended by shields that can be restored by picking up blue orbs. Firing lasers will also consume energy, which can also be found in the mines.

In order to clear each stage, players will have to find keys scattered around the mines. These keys open doors that lead deeper into the labyrinths. To clear a stage, the player must destroy the power core hidden at the end of each level. Gameplay takes place in a fully 3D environment. Descent also has a multiplayer mode that allows for on screen PvP combat. This game can be saved and continued using a password. 

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