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Release Data

Developer: SNK

Genre: Action RPG     

Release Date: July 1990

Platform: NES          

Players: 1


Crystalis is an isometric ARPG that fuses a variety of ideas from Legend of Zelda and turn based RPGs. Players are given a fair sized world filled with monsters and mazes to explore as well as an arsenal of swords, spells, and armor. Respite can be found in a number of towns where the player can talk to NPCs to gather info, buy new gear, heal, and stock up on supplies. In keeping with its RPG roots, the story of Crystalis is fairly fleshed out and unfolds as the game progresses. It all starts with a catastrophic war that destroys civilization in 1997. One hundred years pass and people have chosen to shun technology. Magic has replaced science and humanity has used the arcane arts to build a new world. In order to prevent another apocalyptic war, a floating tower is built to protect the world. All is well until a man named Draygon revives the old ways of technology and wages war against the sages that control the world.

Combat takes place in real time and the main character can attack by swinging his sword or charging it up to fire off a spell. Each sword has three power levels and the spells unleashed by the weapons become more powerful the longer they are charged (you will need to acquire upgrade items in order to use the second and third level spells for each sword). Aside from the elemental sword spells, magic is for the most part used for healing and support in Crystalis. The player is given a variety of spells that can be used for anything from shapeshifting to flying. Over time, the protagonist will become stronger by defeating monsters and collecting experience. The player’s Hit Points, Magic Points, Defense, and Attack increase slightly with each level up. The world of Crystalis is fairly large and holds a number of secrets that can be uncovered by those willing to search.


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