Crusader: No Remorse (PSX) Passwords

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At the Main Menu screen, select the “Load Game” option, then choose “Teleport to Mission”. Use the D-Pad to move the cursor around and select each letter for the password with the L1/R1 buttons. Highlight “Accept” once the password has been entered and press X to begin the mission. You’ll start each mission with a predetermined amount of weapons, items, and ammo that varies from level to level.

Level 2: FWQP

Level 3: PLRQ

Level 4: SZNF

Level 5: TD5S

Level 6: J1BT

Level 7: K2CV

Level 8: N3DW

Level 9: M4FX

Level 10: X5GZ

Level 11: C6HO

Level 12: D7J1

Level 13: F8K2

Level 14: FGL3

Level 15: JFM4

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