Crusader: No Remorse (PSX) Cheats

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   Select the “Teleport to Mission” option at the start screen and input the password L0SR. The password will come up as invalid, but actually works. From here you can load a save from a memory card, input a mission password, or start a new game as you normally would. Input the button combinations listed below to refill The Silencer’s health and/or  supplies. The L0SR password must be entered every time the player starts the game in order for the cheats to work.

Refill Health and Energy

Press Square + R1 simultaneously to replenish The Silencer’s health and battery power. This chart can be used as many times as the player wishes given the L0SR password was entered before starting the game.

Max Ammo, Credits, Health Packs, Weapons, Batteries, Etc.

Press Circle + R1 to get every weapon and item in the game as well as full ammo. The L0SR password has to be active for this cheat to work.

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