Countdown Vampires (PSX)


Developer: Free Cloud            

Platform: Sony PlayStation

Release date: August 2000    

Genre: Survival Horror

Players: 1


    Kieth J. Snyder, a detective employed by the Sea Rim City police department, is ordered to guard a V.I.P at a new night club. All is well until the sprinkler system spews a mysterious black liquid that turns many of the club goers into vampires. It’s up to Keith to solve the mystery behind this bizarre occurrence and save the survivors. Countdown Vampires unabashedly models itself after the template set by Resident Evil. Vampires, werewolves, and a host of monsters await Keith who has to manage a limited supply of ammo and health. Keith can use a variety of weapons that include a stun glove, shotgun, and magnum to dispatch his foes or save their lives by drugging them with anesthetic darts. No survival horror game is complete without a slew of puzzles, riddles and locked doors, so be prepared to do some problem solving if you choose to play Countdown Vampires.

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