Chibi Robo! (Gamecube)

Developer: Skip LTD.

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: February 2006

Genre: Platformer

System: Nintendo Gamecube

Players: 1


   Chibi Robo! is an offbeat platformer developed by Skip LTD. for the Gamecube. As Chibi, a tiny robot whose job is to clean house, players will explore a house that is massive from the diminutive protagonist’s perspective. By picking up trash, cleaning stains, and helping the family that lives in the house solve problems (the Sandersons) Chibi will earn Happy Points as well as Moolah that will help him achieve his ultimate goal of becoming Super Chibi Robo. This task will not be as simple as it sounds, because the Sanderson’s home is a huge world filled with unseen challenges for Chibi, including mountainous furniture that must be scaled and Spydorz, evil robots that infest the house. A variety of tools can be found or purchased using Moolah to aid Chibi in his quest, including a toothbrush that can be used to scrub floors, a helicopter that allows the robot to float to the ground, and a mug that serves as a shield. Chibi will meet a number of characters throughout the game as well, many of which will have requests for him. This game can be resumed at any time using a save feature.

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