Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Walkthrough (NES)

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Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Walkthrough 

~by tankMage (January 2020)


    Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest is somewhat notorious for its difficult puzzles. It’s also well known for its open world that makes it possible to complete certain tasks in different orders. Having played this game several times over the years, I set out to find an efficient path that allows players to collect all of the items without excessive backtracking. I also took the difficulty of each Mansion into account when plotting out a course to the game. Finally, while there are many excellent guides available for this game, they all tend to be a bit muddled as far as flow of events go. This guide attempts to lay out each step very clearly, but players will still need to refer to the game itself for location names.


I. The Basics

    1. Controls

    2. The Day/Night Cycle

    3. Experience and Leveling Up

    4. Hearts

II. Tips

    1. Use Laurels in Difficult Situations

    2. Upgrade Your Whip

    3. Grind in the Mansions 

    4. Read Signs in Town

    5. Use Holy Water to Detect Traps and False Walls

    6. Go to Church and get Healed

    7. Getting the Best Ending

III. Walkthrough

    1. Dracula’s Rib

    2. Dracula’s Heart

    3. Dracula’s Eyeball

    4. Dracula’s Nail

    5. Dracula’s Ring and The Cross

    6. Castlevania 

    7. Endings

IV. Side Quests

    1. The Silver Dagger (Knife)

    2. The Diamond

    3. The Silk Bag 

    4. The Flame Whip

V. Items

    1. Weapons

    2. Sub-Weapons 

    3. Miscellaneous Items

    4. Dracula’s Body Parts

VI. References 

I. The Basics

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest has several features that were new to the series that require some explanation. The day/night cycle and level up system can be particularly confusing as they follow rules that are somewhat unusual.

1. Controls

Moving: Press the Directional Buttons to walk left or right. Hold Down on the D-Pad to crouch. 

Climbing Steps: Hitting Up or Down on the D-Pad while near steps will make Simon climb or descend them.

Jumping: The A Button is used to jump. Simon cannot stop or change direction while in the air.

Attacking: Press B to swing the Whip.

Using Special Weapons and Items: Select the item you wish to use and activate it by pressing Up + B.

The Inventory: Hit Start to bring up the inventory. Pressing Up while the inventory is open will cause the top cursor to blink, press down to use the bottom cursor. Hit Left or Right to cycle through items. Once an item is highlighted it will be considered active and you will be able to use it. Items on the top row are passive and Simon will benefit from a particular item’s effects as long it is highlighted. On the other hand, items on the bottom row must be activated by pushing Up and B.

Entering Buildings: Simon can enter open doors in town or go inside a Mansion if the player stands in front of the door and pushes Up on the D-Pad.

Buying Items, Reading Signs and Talking to NPCs: Hit B while standing by a sign post or NPC to interact with it. Some NPCs, usually men in cloaks, sell items. Highlight the word “Yes” and press B to buy an item if you want it. Hit “No” to cancel the sale.

2. The Day/Night Cycle

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest runs on a 24 hour clock, with night beginning at 18:00 and sunrise at 6:00. The amount of time that is displayed on the status screen is in days, hours, and minutes. For example  2:15:30 on the status screen means that 2 days, 15 hours, and 30 minutes have elapsed in game. The second two numbers are very helpful, since they indicate the in-game time of day. 

Both night and day are 12 ingame hours long, which roughly translates into 5 minutes in real time for each full cycle. Time freezes while you are in buildings and mansions. Pausing the game will also halt the clock. Remember, time is important in this game as it determines what you can do and the amount of time elapsed will determine the ending you get. Here are the differences between day and night:


-Shops in town are open.

-NPCs can be found walking around towns.

-Monsters take fewer hits to kill.


-Towns are infested with monsters.

-Shops in town are closed and cannot be entered.

-NPCs will not be seen in town.

-Monsters take twice as many hits to kill than they do during the day.

Note: The day/night cycle does not affect the strength of monsters in Mansions.

3. Experience and Leveling Up

Simon can gain experience and level up by collecting Hearts. There are 6 levels in total. Gaining a level will increase Simon’s life meter (except for the first level) and his resistance to damage. 

Simon will not get experience if his level is too high for an area. For example, if you reach level 1 in the woods by Jova, you will not get experience from hearts until you move to the Veros woods or somewhere else. Generally, it’s best not to grind on the overworld where the clock is ticking if you want the best or normal ending, so gather hearts from monsters in the Mansions where the clock is frozen. 

4. Hearts

Hearts are dropped by enemies upon death. Collecting them will grant Simon some experience and add to his Heart total, which is displayed on the status screen. Hearts can be used to buy items from merchants. They are also consumed when Simon uses a weapon like the Diamond or Sacred Fire.

The maximum number of Hearts Simon can carry is 256.

II. Tips

Here are some general rules of thumb to fall back on when playing this game.

1. Use Laurels in Difficult Situations

Laurels are overpowered in this game thanks to the few seconds of invincibility they grant. This makes them great for passing through spikes, poison swamps, and fighting bosses.

2. Upgrade Your Whip

While it’s ok to skip the Thorn Whip that’s sold in Jova, you should buy the Chain Whip and the Morningstar. Simon’s damage is completely dependant on his weapon, so having better arms will make defeating monsters less stressful. 

3. Grind in the Mansions 

The game clock does not run in Mansions, so defeat monsters to level up in these areas to get experience and Hearts. Monsters in Mansions also tend to be easy to kill and you should be able to find an area with a dense population of enemies in just about every Mansion. For example, you can walk back and forth in Laruba Mansion’s entrance hallway killing the enemies that respawn to level up very quickly.

4. Read Signs in Town

You may notice wooden signs in many of the towns. These signs can be read by standing to the left of the post in the center and pressing B. This can be very helpful when trying to find your way around.

5. Use Holy Water to Detect Traps and False Walls

The Holy Water is a great tool that you can obtain in the first town. Throw it at walls and floors to break fake blocks. It will also fall through illusory blocks, which is a good way to detect dangerous pitfalls.

6. Go to Church and get Healed

Many towns have a church, which is indicated by a cross on the front of the building. Talk to the priest inside to receive free healing.

7. Getting the Best Ending

Simon must kill Dracula in 7 days or less to get the good ending. This means you can only spend 35 minutes traveling around on the overworld, which leaves the player little room for error. Here are a few tips that will help you get the best ending:

-Don’t stop to talk to NPCs in towns. 

-Skip the Thorn Whip and buy the Chain Whip when you get to Veros.

-Farm Hearts in Mansions where the timer is stopped.

-Do not bother trying to get the Silk Bag, Diamond, or Silver Knife.

-Defeat Death in Brahms Mansion to get the Gold Knife, which is good for plowing through monsters.

-Plan out your trip and pause the game before making a move if you’re unsure of where to go next.

III. Walkthrough

Many of the names of areas and monsters were taken from a variety of sources, including the NES Game Atlas, in-game signposts, and the instruction manual. To avoid confusion, I tried to verify names of locations as best I could, but certain enemies and places seem to be known by several names. In such cases, I put alternate names in parentheses for the sake of clarity. Feel free to contact me if there are any mistakes or missing names.

1. Dracula’s Rib

Your first goal is Dracula’s Rib, which is hidden in Berkeley Mansion east of Jova. Be sure to bring the White Crystal and Holy Water to the mansion.

a. The Town of Jova 

Shop: Thorn Whip (100), White Crystal (50), Holy Water (50)

Featuring several shops, Jova is the game’s starting point. To enter a shop or building, press Up while standing in front of an open door. The men in grey usually have something to sell. Go out into the woods to the east and kill skeletons and werewolves until you have enough hearts to buy the Holy Water and White Crystal, which will come to about 100 Hearts in total. You can also get the Thorn Whip, but it’s probably better to wait, because you can get a superior weapon in the next town a few screens away for just 50 more hearts.

Visit the Church if you need to heal up. Keep in mind that Castlevania II has a day/night cycle and you cannot enter buildings at night. Additionally, monsters will become stronger and there will be zombies roaming the streets of Jova at night.

Note: Use the steps in town instead of trying to jump to lower paths, Simon has a habit of falling into pits if he jumps in a town.

b. Jova Woods, South Bridge, Veros Woods

Exit the town of Jova via the right side of the screen to reach Jova Woods. Continue east to get to South Bridge. Mermen that spit fireballs will jump up onto parts of the crumbled bridge. Try to eliminate them with the whip and Holy Water, but watch out for their fireballs.

Veros Woods is on the next screen. Keep walking right to the second screen of the woods. Here you will have the option of taking the steps down to the town of Veros or proceeding 

east to Berkeley Mansion. I recommend making a brief pit stop at Veros if it’s daytime.

c. Veros Town 

Shop: Dagger (50), Chain Whip (150)

Visit Veros if you want to heal at a church. There are also a few items you can buy here. To buy the Dagger, enter the first door and throw Holy Water at the wall on your right to reveal a hidden path. You can also get a Chain Whip by entering the house on the far right. Throwing Holy Water at the floor to break the blocks in this house. Go into the basement to find the merchant. The Chain Whip is a bit pricey and you may want to get it after you go to the mansion.

d. Berkeley Mansion

Shop: Oak Stake (50)

Items: Dracula’s Rib

Berkley Mansion is directly east of the town of Jova. Equip the White Crystal from Jova when you enter the mansion to reveal a blue platform near the entrance. Make your way to the top floor of the building. Beware the jumping demon that spits fireballs, you may want to take it out with the Dagger if you have it.

Walk across the row of blocks on the top floor until you get to a gap with a second row of blocks to the right. The first two blocks that form this ledge are not solid and you cannot jump on them, so inch over to the very edge of the platform and jump over to the ledge. Head east to the next screen.

Equip the Dagger when you step into the screen and throw it at the skeletons who chuck bones or wait for openings in their attacks if you only have the whip. Take note of the blue merchant standing below you. Go down the two flights of steps to the right and doubleback to the left, going up the steps by some spikes. Hop over the spikes and talk to the merchant who will offer to sell you an Oak Stake for 50 Hearts. You will need this to get Dracula’s Rib, so buy it.

Go back down the steps and make your way down the stairs under them. Walk right and stop when you get to the second pillar. Use the Holy Water to check the floor by this pillar, because you will fall through it if you try to walk over it.* Jump over the gap and head over to the large chamber to the east. Here you will find a flashing orb. Use the Stake you bought a few minutes ago to destroy it and receive Dracula’s Rib. The Rib is a nifty item that can block projectiles while equipped. 

To exit the mansion quickly, fall through the false blocks to the west of the room where you got the Rib and walk west. Go up the steps when you get to a wall and continue west to the exit.

* You will have to walk left to get back to the entrance and make your way back through the mansion if you fall through the floor.

Pro-Tip: You can walk back over to the merchant and buy another Stake that can be used in the next mansion if you wish. This will save you the trouble of finding the Stake dealer in Rover Mansion.

2. Dracula’s Heart

You will need Dracula’s Heart to cross the Dead River. First, visit Aljiba and get a Blue Crystal so you can find Rover Mansion (the resting place of the Heart) which is concealed beneath Lake Yuba.

a. Veros (Revisited)

You should be familiar with Veros by now. Buy everything here if you haven’t already and heal up at the church. Exit the town via the right side of the screen to proceed to the next area.

b. Dabi’s Path 

Items: Sacred Flame

Visit this place during the day if at all possible, because the flying eyes and skeletons will be weaker. Poison marshes and the aforementioned flying eyes make this place dangerous, but it’s not too difficult to traverse if you have the Dagger. Climb up the steps and head east to get to the second screen of Dabi’s Path.

Walk along the blocks that form a sort of staircase leading right, then face left when you get to the floor. Use the Holy Water to destroy the two blocks in your way and walk left until you come to the wall. Throw Holy Water at the wall and grab the fire that appears when the blocks break to get the Sacred Flame. Leave the path via the right to enter Ajiba Woods.

c. Aljiba Woods

Hop over to the platforms to the right as soon as the screen loads in order to avoid two web shooting spiders that drop down from above. You can destroy their webs with the whip. Proceed eastward to the second part of the woods and continue in the same direction (ignoring the steps for now) to go to the town of Aljiba. 

d. Aljiba Town

Shop: Garlic (50), Laurels (50)

Items: Blue Crystal

Ajiba is an important town where you can buy Laurels and Garlic. To buy Garlic, enter the first house from the left and use Holy Water to reveal another hidden basement. Laurels can be purchased from the building at the top of the steps on the far right, break the floor with Holy Water to find the shopkeeper. 

Talk to the man in grey in the top left corner of town to trade your White Crystal (which you no longer need) for the Blue Crystal. You can also take the Garlic to Camilla Cemetery to the east to get the Silver Knife. See Section IV, Part 1 for details.

e. Lake Yuba

With the Blue Crystal in hand, leave the town of Aljiba by going west. Continue in the same direction through Aljiba Woods until you see the steps I mentioned earlier. Walk down the steps and head east to a cave. Take the high road in the cave, because the moving platforms near the end of the area are too dangerous. Both paths go to the same place anyway.

Leaving the cave will bring you to a body of water that appears to be a dead end. Stand at the edge of the lake with the Blue Crystal selected and crouch for five seconds to reveal secret steps leading down to Rover Mansion. Do not attempt to descend the steps near the bottom or you will likely fall in the water when trying to jump to the platform. Instead, walk over the single blocks to the right.

f. Rover Mansion

Shop: Oak Stake (50)

Items: Dracula’s Heart

Walk east, sticking to the lowest floor to find the Stake merchant in this Mansion. Defeat the spearmen and skeletons in your way with the Chain Whip or Silver Dagger. The wall to the right of the two water pits near the end of the screen is actually fake and you will need to jump through it. 

Continue past some steps and wait for a second when you come to a long row of blocks over water. You should see a moving stack of blocks glide across the platform that would have shoved you into the water. Jump onto the blocks once the stack starts moving back in the opposite direction and be ready to hop over the stack when it comes back. After that you will see a man in a purple robe who will sell you an Oak Stake

Return to the steps left of the platform with the moving stack of blocks and climb all three flights of steps, then walk over to the area to the east, which should be home to a spear knight. Use Holy Water or Sacred Flame on the knight before trying to climb the steps to the right.

After reaching the top of the steps, you will see a shaft leading upwards on your right. You will have to jump up it using the blocks that stick out of the walls that form the shaft. Standing near the edge of each block before jumping will ensure that you land safely. Go right and down more steps after reaching the top, then drop down a second shaft to the left to find the orb with Dracula’s Heart. Use a Stake on the orb just as you did in Berkley Mansion, then backtrack the way you came to leave.

3. Dracula’s Eyeball

Simon will have to return to Jova and make his way to the Dead River via Belasco Marsh to get to Brahms Mansion. Show the Heart to the ferryman and he will convey you to your destination.

a. Belasco Marsh and Dead River

From Jova, go west to Belasco Marsh. Equip the Rib to reflect the fireballs shot by the lizards that live in the marsh. Cougars will charge at you in this marsh, so be prepared to duck and whip them or use the Sacred Flame. You may want to use a Laurel so you can pass through the poison swamp near the end of the screen safely. 

The next screen is home to the ferryman, who will take you to a secret area if you have Dracula’s Heart equipped, so make sure it’s selected in the inventory. Stay near the front of the boat and the mermen that leap from the water while the ferryman is rowing across the lake should miss you, though you may have to move to avoid them. The boat will immediately reverse course when it hits the opposite shore, so prepare yourself to jump over to dry land when you are close enough to land safely. The entrance to Brahams Mansion is on the next screen.

Note: You can continue west from the mansion entrance to get the Diamond. See Section IV, Part 2 for info on the Diamond.

b. Brahams Mansion

Shop: Oak Stake (50)

Items: Golden Dagger, Dracula’s Eye

Brahams Mansion is rather large, but surprisingly simple. Make your way east over the spikes, then climb the steps. Walk west when you get to the top of the third flight of steps, then ascend two more sets of stairs. There is another staircase for you to scale to the right and yet another one above it. Slay the demon to the left after ascending the last set of steps and go east to the next screen.

You should see a pair of demons below you after entering the second half of the mansion. Throw Sacred Flame or Holy Water while standing near the entrance to kill them without getting hurt. Go down the steps and through the passage to the left (you will probably have to take a hit from a spearman while descending the steps) and you will see an Oak Stake merchant to the west. Buy a Stake for the customary 50 Hearts, then go all the way down to the bottom floor. Enter the room to the right and kill the bats, then get ready to fight Death in the room to the east.

c. Boss: Death (Grim Reaper)

Death is a completely optional boss. You can just walk under him and into the room with Dracula’s Eyeball if you do not want to take him on. That said, you will get the mighty Golden Dagger if you defeat Death.

To destroy the Grim Reaper, allow him to glide down to the floor and start whipping him and throwing Sacred Flame. This should obliterate him pretty quickly. You can whip his scythes if one is about to hit you. Using a Laurel also makes this fight really easy.

d. Brahams Mansion (Continued)

Enter the room to the east after beating or bypassing Death and use the Stake on the orb to get Dracula’s Eyeball. Backtrack through the mansion the way you came to leave, but look out, Death respawns and you will have to run under him on the way out.

Tip: You will pass by the Stake salesman on your way out, why not buy one from him for later?

4. Dracula’s Nail

Dracula’s Nail is one of the final relics you need to complete the game. You’ll have to visit Bodly Mansion to get it. This will require you to first go to Aldora and get the Red Crystal. a. Aldora Town

Shop: Laurels (50), Garlic (50)

Items: Red Crystal

From Brahams Mansion, go east back to the Dead River and talk to the ferryman (make sure Drac’s Heart is not equipped) who will take you back to the eastern shore. Talk to him again and he will take you to a different place. Walk west to find the town of Aldora.

There isn’t much here aside a shop that sells Laurels (use Holy Water on the wall to find the shop owner) and the Red Crystal, which you can get from a grey clad soldier. There’s also a church near a house where you can buy Garlic next to it on the top level of town.

The Red Crystal is vital later on, so make sure you get it. Go west to leave town when you are done. 

b. Sadam Woods

Watch out for the bone dragons to the left, the Rib will reflect their shots, so equip it and whip them between volleys. Ghouls and green skeletons inhabit the next section of woods, use the Sacred Flame and whip to cut through them. Ignore the steps leading down for now and continue west to reach the town of Oldon.*

* Walk down the steps and bring some Garlic if you want the Silk Bag, see Section IV, Part 3 for details.

c. Town of Oldon

Shop: Laurels (50), Morningstar (200)

The Laurel shop is located at the top of the steps near the entrance to town, you’ll have to use Holy Water on two walls to find the merchant. You’ll be able to purchase the Morningstar for 200 Hearts from the shop on the third floor near the center of town, which I recommend getting if you can afford it.

d. Jam Wasteland

Continue west from Oldon and you will see some orange blocks that move up and down over a lake. If you went for the Diamond, you will be familiar with how to navigate these blocks. If not, simply jump from them while they are near their peak to get Simon to leap high into the air, which will allow him to cross safely.

You will come to a cliff that’s seemingly a dead end if you go west a bit more. Stand in front of it with the Red Crystal equipped and wait for about five seconds. A whirlwind will carry you to Bodly Mansion.

e. Bodly Mansion

Shop: Oak Stake (50)

Items: Dracula’s Nail

Bodly Mansion is really easy if you already have a Stake, if not, you’ve got a long road ahead of you.

If Simon has a Stake…

Go east and hop through the wall. You’ll see double rows of blocks with spikes above them. Use Holy Water to destroy the blocks above the platform so you can cross the water. Head down the steps and you will find the orb with Dracula’s Nail. 

If Simon does not have a Stake…

Climb the steps to the right all the way to the top floor. Use Holy Water to check the floor by the fourth flight of stairs, because there are some fake blocks you may fall through between you and the steps. 

Proceed eastward when you finish climbing the steps and take the upper path when you get to an area with a spiked floor. The end of the path looks like a dead end, but you can actually jump through the wall. Drop down and walk right after going through the wall. You will come to another dead end, use the Holy Water again to break the blocks, then continue to walk right. Descend the steps right of an area with hanging skeletons and jump against the wall to the left to get into a black area with an old man who sells Oak Stakes.

You can drop through some false blocks to the left of the old man, then go climb down more steps and go east to find the orb that contains Dracula’s Nail. Head west to leave the Mansion. You’ll have to jump through a fake wall after going over a spike lined platform to leave.

5. Dracula’s Ring and The Cross

Laruba Mansion is just west of Bodly Mansion, but you may want to stop over at the town to the east to buy some Laurels and heal first.

a. The Wicked Ditch

Items: Flame Whip

Make sure you have at least two Laurels before setting out for the Wicked Ditch west of Bodly Mansion. Equip the Red Crystal and kneel at the lake when you reach it. The screen should scroll down to another secret passage after a few seconds. Walk left to enter an area that looks like a dungeon.

You can get the Flame Whip in this area if you have the Morningstar by hopping across the floating blocks to the left (stay on the lowest path) and using Holy Water to break the wall. Talk to the old man on the other side of the wall and he will upgrade your weapon. Jump back to the east after getting the upgrade.

From the entrance to this area, climb up and left. Use the Nail or Holy Water to destroy the wall in your way, then keep heading west to leave the area. Watch out for the floating skulls that track Simon while jumping over the platforms, use a Laurel to easily bypass them if you have more than two.

Some of the strongest enemies in the game, fireball throwing flame men, inhabit the next screen. You should be ok if you are at least level 4, but try to jump over the fireballs. To the left you will see some more floating blocks. As with the ones from before, wait until they are almost at their height before jumping to ensure that you will make it to the next block.

The next screen is dominated by a huge swamp, use a Laurel or two to get through safely. Take a few steps left after slogging through the swamp to reach the entrance to Laruba Mansion.

b. Laruba Mansion

Shop: Oak Stake (50)

Items: Laurels, Magic Cross, Dracula’s Ring

This mansion is quite large, but you can whizz past a lot of it if you bought a Stake back at Bodly. If not, you will have to take the long way around. Simon can collect enough experience in this Mansion to max his level out to 6.

If Simon has a Stake…

Look for some steps to the east at the end of the hall and use them to get to a long platform leading west. Walk up another set of steps and go east to the exit of this screen. There should be a spiked wall on the next screen and a skeleton on the platform below you. Jump over the skeleton and drop down until you see a cloaked man to the left of some spikes. Talk to him to get some free Laurels, then use a Laurel to cross the spiked floor to the right. Alternately, you can ride the blocks going over the spikes, but you will have to dodge spikes that shoot up from the floor, so you may as well use a Laurel. Keep going right to reach the boss: The Weeping Mask. Be sure to defeat it to get the Magic Cross, then use the Stake in the next room to get Dracula’s Ring. See Part c of this section for more information on the boss.

If Simon does not have a Stake…

Climb the steps far to the right of the entrance, follow the platform that leads west, then climb the steps at the end of it. After that, go east to the room with the spiked wall on the right. Destroy the skeleton on the platform just below where you entered and use it to get to the steps. Cross the spike pits left of the steps to find an old man who sells Oak Stakes. Now backtrack to the spiked wall and drop down to the lowest part of the Mansion. There should be a man who will give you Laurels left of a spiked pit. Use the Laurels to cross the pit and continue east to fight the boss. Remember to grab Dracula’s Ring from the orb east of the boss. You should also take the Magic Cross that the boss drops, because it will permit entry into Castlevania.

Leaving the Mansion 

You will not be able to leave the way you came after getting Drac’s Ring if you followed the instructions above. Instead, you will have to climb up the blocks just outside of the boss room, then go left through a narrow corridor filled with spiders. From there you can retrace your steps to leave.

Pro-Tip: Visit the man who gives you Laurels on the way out to restock in preparation for the journey to Castlevania.

c. Boss: The Weeping Mask (Vampira)

The Weeping Mask is a sad excuse for a boss. It will stay near the top of the screen, flash, and drop fire that turns into a spread of fireballs when it touches the floor. After that, Weeping Mask will move around in a circular pattern near the center of the screen. Equip Dracula’s Rib and stand still while the boss drips fire, the fireballs will bounce off of the Rib. 

Use the whip to hit the Weeping Mask while it is circling or throw Gold Daggers at it if you have them. A few hits will topple this foe and earn you the Magic Cross. Just watch out for the boss on the way out after getting the Ring in the next room, because it will respawn.

6. Castlevania 

You will need all five of Dracula’s parts and the Magic Cross to enter Castlevania. The road to Castlevania is long and difficult, so make sure you stock up in Doina, east of Laruba Mansion.

a. Doina Town

Shop: Laurels (50)

You may have already stopped at Doina on the way to the final mansion, if so go back there now. If not, head east from Laruba Mansion, through the Wicked Ditch and you will soon hit Doina. This is the final town that features a shop and church, so take advantage of these services.

b. East Bridge

This bridge is similar to the one from the beginning of the game. Use the Rib to deflect the mermen’s fireballs and go east to enter Dora Woods.

c. Dora Woods

The lizard men in this area shoot fireballs rapidly. Keep the Rib equipped and use the Gold Dagger if you have it to pick the lizard men off from afar. Continue east and go down the staircase when you see it to reach the town of Yomi.

d. Town of Yomi (Ghoulash) and Vrad Graveyard

There’s not much to see in Yomi aside from some abandoned homes and a single NPC, so go right to enter the Vrad Graveyard. Hop over the tombstones in the graveyard and try to plow through the mummies as fast as possible, since you’re near the end. Birds and spirits will harass you here, but you can pretty much ignore them if you’re level 5 or 6.

Use Holy Water to break the blocks when you get to the screen with the bridge.

e. Castlevania 

Castlevania lies at the end of the bridge. There are no enemies here, but false blocks cover the staircase to the right. Use Holy Water to break the blocks and go down into the bowels of the castle. Go right when you reach the bottom floor to enter Dracula’s chamber.

f. Boss: Dracula

If you expect a challenging final battle, you’re going to be disappointed, because Dracula is an easy boss unless you fight him without special weapons, Laurels, or high levels. There are two main ways to kill him, both are fairly simple, though one is faster than the other.

The first method is to equip the Sacred Flame and throw it on the pedestal as soon as Dracula appears. This will stun lock him as long as you keep tossing flames. Eventually he will die without even getting a chance to move. You can also do this with Gold Daggers, which seem to work even faster.

Alternately, you can crouch in the left corner and whip Dracula. He will split himself into duplicates and spin around the room while firing rings at you that are fairly easy to hop over. You can also use Laurels to prevent his attacks from even damaging you. After a few dozen hits, Dracula will be defeated and the ending will play.

7. Endings

The type of ending you get seems to rely on how many ingame days pass. There are three endings in total and all of them are brief. Here are the time limits for each ending:

Bad Ending: 15 or more days.

Normal Ending: 8 to 14 days.

Good Ending: 7 days or less.

IV. Side Quests

There are a few secret items that can be obtained over the course of the game. While these items aren’t necessary to finish Castlevania II, they will give Simon a nice power boost. Those going for the best ending may not wish to do these side quests thanks to the time limit, but it is possible to get 100% of the items and the best ending.

1. The Silver Dagger (Knife)

Purchase stone Garlic in the town of Aljiba and leave town via the right side of the screen. Simon will find himself in a cemetery with hands reaching out of the ground. Select the garlic from your inventory and throw it on the ground. A man in a cloak will appear on the left side of the graveyard. Talk to him and he will give you a Silver Dagger.

2. The Diamond

Go to Braham’s Mansion by showing the Heart to the ferryman. Walk west from the entrance to the mansion and you will arrive at a body of water with floating orange blocks. Make sure you jump when the blocks are near their peak to ensure that Simon springs high enough to reach the next block. It also helps to stand on the edge with one of Simon’s feet handing in the air of the block you are jumping from. There are two blocks that are positioned close together near the center of the lake, jump from the middle of the block while it’s going down or you will overshoot the block next to it.

Next, head left through an area home to mummies and Medusa heads to find a man clad in orange standing by a wall. He will give you the Diamond.

3. The Silk Bag 

Note: Buy some Garlic before setting out for the Silk Bag.

Go to the town of Aldora by riding the Dead River Ferry without the Heart equipped, then head west through Sadam Woods. You will see steps on the second screen of the woods, descend them and go left, checking the platforms with Holy Water to avoid falling through false blocks into the poison marsh below.

After getting through the lower part of the forest, you will arrive at Storigoi Graveyard. Walk all the way to the left, drop a piece of Garlic and talk to the man who appears by the cliff to receive a Silk Bag that can hold twice as many Laurels and Garlic cloves.

4. The Flame Whip

You will need to purchase the Morningstar in the town of Oldon for 200 Hearts in order to get the Flame Whip. The Red Crystal, which can be obtained in Aldora, is also required. From Bodly Mansion, walk west until you see a lake. Select the Red Crystal in your inventory and crouch by the lake for a few seconds to reveal a secret passage. 

Use the passage to get to a blue area with floating skulls and moving platforms. Hop across the platforms floating over the water to what appears to be a dead end. Holy Water will break the wall next to the final platform. Talk to the man in the hidden room on the other side of the wall to get the Flame Whip. 

V. Items

Here is a list of the various items present in Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, along with their locations and brief descriptions.

1. Weapons

a. Leather Whip 

Acquired by: Simon starts with this weapon

The most basic version of Simon’s main weapon. Has short range and deals little damage.

b. Thorn Whip

Acquired by: Bought at Jova for 100 Hearts

Has better range and more damage than the whip.

c. Chain Whip

Acquired by: Buy at Bed is for 150 Hearts

The Chain Whip has the same range as the Thorn Whip, but is more powerful.

d. Morning Star

Acquired by: Buy at Oldon for 200 Hearts.

Not much of an upgrade over the Chain Whip, but you will need it to obtain the mighty Flame Whip.

c. Flame Whip

Acquired by: The man in the dungeon east of Laruba Mansion will turn your Morningstar into the Flame Whip.

The most powerful whip in the game.

2. Sub-Weapons 

a. Holy Water

Cost: 0 Hearts

Acquired by: Purchased at Jova for 50 Hearts.

The Holy Water is very useful as it can hit enemies below Simon and break certain blocks. Holy Water will also fall through false blocks and can be used to test suspicious floors.

b. Dagger (Knife)

Cost: 0 Hearts

Acquired by: Sold at Veros for 50 Hearts.

Flies in a straight line when thrown. Has slightly more reach than the whip and deals a small amount of damage.

c. Sacred Flame

Cost: 1 Heart 

Acquired by: Break the wall in Dabi’s Path.

When used, the flame arcs like Holy Water, but creates a jet of fire that stuns and damages monsters.

d. Silver Dagger (Knife)

Cost: 1 Heart

Acquired by: Use Garlic in the cemetery east of Aljiba.

The Silver Dagger deals about as much damage as the regular Dagger, but it flies much farther and can pass through foes.

e. Golden Dagger (Knife)

Cost: 2

Acquired by: Defeat the Grim Reaper in Brahams Mansion. 

Arguably the most powerful of the Sub-Weapons, the Golden Dagger will burst into flame upon hitting an enemy, dealing significant damage.

f. Diamond 

Cost: 1 Heart

Acquired by: Visiting the man in orange west of Brahams Mansion. 

The Diamond will bounce around at sharp angles when thrown. Useful in tight hallways.

3. Miscellaneous Items

a. White Crystal

Acquired by: Sold by a merchant in Jova for 50 Hearts.

Allows you to see certain invisible platforms. Needed for Berkeley Mansion.

b. Blue Crystal

Acquired by: Trade White Crystal with grey colored Soldier in Aljiba.

Allows access to Rover Mansion.

c. Red Crystal

Acquired by: Trade the Blue Crystal for this in Aldora.

Allows access to Bodly and Laruba Mansions.

d. Silk Bag

Acquired by: Throw Garlic on the ground in Storigoi Graveyard.

Simon can hold up to eight Laurels and Garlic with this in his possession.

e. Magic Cross

Acquired by: Defeat the Weeping Mask in Laruba Mansion.

Needed to enter Castlevania.

f. Garlic

Acquired by: Sold by merchants in several towns.

Garlic can be used as a weapon to damage certain monsters when thrown on the ground. You can also leave Garlic in certain graveyards to get special gifts like the Silver Knife.

g. Laurels

Acquired by: Sold in towns.

Laurels make Simon invincible for about ten seconds when used.

4. Dracula’s Body Parts

a. Rib

Dracula’s Rib is the first of the remains of the evil count. Equip it to use it as a shield that will block fireballs. Found in Berkeley Mansion.

b. Heart

Drac’s Heart is located in Rover Mansion. Equip it at the Dead River and speak to the ferryman to get a boat ride.

c. Eyeball

Found in Brahams Mansion, the eye will allow you to see hidden scrolls when equipped.

d. Nail 

Obtained from the orb in Bodly Mansion. Simon can break false blocks with his whip while the Nail equipped.

e. Ring

Required to enter Dracula’s castle.

VI. References 

I used a number of sources to find hidden items and check names for this guide. With that in mind, many of these sources are rather archaic printed guides that are likely not easily obtained. In fact, I have to admit that I cannot remember where I read about the tricks used to kill Dracula quickly, but I have tested and elaborated on the information in these guides very carefully. At any rate, credit should go where it’s due, so here are the sources I referred to while writing this walkthrough:

NES Game Atlas: This is mostly a collection of maps with a few tips. Generally it’s pretty good, though some of the tips are wrong. Many of the names used in this walkthrough were taken from the Game Atlas.

Nintendo Strategies: This is another book that contained hints for various NES games. I used this years ago for general hints, so it deserves some credit for informing this guide decades later.

Finally, I used CMoriarty’s walkthrough to get an idea of how the experience system works. While I admittedly didn’t bother reading the rest of it, CMoriarty’s guides are quite good and I’ll go out on a limb to recommend this one if anything in my own walkthrough is unclear:

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