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Developer/Publisher: Konami

Release Date: October 8, 2001

System: Sony PlayStation

Genre: Platformer

Players: 1


Castlevania Chronicles is a port of the Sharp Home Computer X68000 remake of the original Castlevania. The remake featured improved graphics (over the original 8-Bit version), new stages, new items, and remixed soundtracks. The PlayStation port of this game also allows players to save their game after losing all of their lives.

In Castlevania Chronicles players control Simon Belmont, a famed vampire slayer, as he explores Dracula’s castle in search of the fiend. Players will have to destroy hordes of monsters, battle bosses, and overcome all sorts of traps as they push onto Dracula’s inner sanctum. Many of the bosses and monsters from the original game appear here, so veterans will recognize enemies like the giant bat. Konami also added new foes like the skeleton dragon as well as bonus stages that did not appear in the first game.

Simon uses a whip that can be extended with upgrades found in candles as well as a number of special weapons. Castlevania classics like the Holy Water, Axe, and Cross are featured in this remake, but new items like the health replenishing Herb have also been included. Players will also find secret items like health restoring meat hidden in walls.

Castlevania Chronicles gives players the option of playing the game as it originally appeared on the Sharp Home Computer or playing Arrange Mode. The latter is notable for its slightly enhanced graphics and new sprites for Simon as well as an option to change the difficulty of the game.


Original Mode

Arrange Mode

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