Brain Lord (SNES)

Genre: Action/Adventure                          

Developer: Produce!

Publisher: Enix

Release date: October 1994                  

System: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Players: 1


    Brain Lord is a Zelda-esque adventure game that chronicles the exploits of Remeer, last of the Dragon Riders. As the sole survivor of his clan, Remeer is faced with a dire problem: there are no dragons to ride. Naturally he does what we would expect from any red blooded video game character and sets off to find himself a dragon. The journey begins in a small town where our hero meets a rag-tag band of treasure hunters and travels with them to the tower light in search of the last dragon…

    The player controls a character that has to navigate through dungeons and puzzles while fending off monsters. Some puzzles require tools or special abilities to solve, others are riddles. Brain Lord does vary from Legend of Zelda in a number of ways, however. Most notably the player will obtain items called “Jades” that allow for the summoning of fairies that can assist Remeer in many ways. Up to two fairies can be active at one time and they will do anything from shoot fireballs at foes to light up dark rooms. Each fairy has it’s own experience levels and will level up from collecting experience orbs dropped by mobs. The powers of a fairy will evolve and become more effective as it levels up.

    Remeer also has access to a wide array of weapons including swords, axes, and bows as well as a number of spells. Some weapons and spells are needed to solve puzzles and defeat certain monsters. Shields and armor also come into play in Brain Lord as well as a number of support items. This game also involves a good deal of platforming; Remeer can jump over pits, onto floating platforms, and there are many situations where the player is required to use his or her platforming skills to navigate labyrinths. Be prepared to encounter everything from vanishing bridges to conveyor belts that drop unwary victims into abysses. Finally, character development progresses in a manner much like (you guessed it) Legend of Zelda. Remeer will find a variety of items that permanently boost his health, defense, and attack power throughout the game. Some power ups are fairly easy to find while others are well hidden.

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