Bionic Commando Passwords (Game Boy)

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Bionic Commando uses a system of numbers and shapes plotted onto a grid for its passwords. To enter a password, press Down or Select at the title screen to highlight the “Password” option, then hit Start to go to the password screen. Use the Directional Buttons to move the cursor around the password grid. The B Button will cycle through the Triangle, Circle, Square, and blank space icons. Push A after selecting the icon for the grid location that corresponds to the password you are entering to input the shape. 

The password screenshots below have been transcribed into text format for your convenience. Keep in mind that blank spaces are ignored in the written password and do not need to be entered into the grid unless you need to overwrite a shape. Press Start after entering the password to go to the level indicated in below.

Special thanks to Rontro, who took the time to gather and submit these passwords.


Area 1 Complete

Circle1A 2C 4E
Triangle1B 1E 2D 3A 3E 4B 4C 4D
Square1C 1D 2A 3B 4A 4F

Area 3 Complete

Circle2C 2D 3C 3D 4D 4E
Triangle2B 2E 2F 3A 3F 4A
Square1A 1D 1E 2A 3B

Area 6 Complete

Circle1D 1E 1F 3A 3E 4B 4D 4E 4F
Triangle1A 1B 2B 2D 3D 4A
Square1C 2F 4C

Area 8 Complete

Circle2F 3A 3D 3F 4D 4E 4F
Triangle2A 4B
Square1A 1B

Area 10 Complete

Circle2A 2B 3A
Triangle1C 1D 1F 2C 2F 3B 3F 4D 4E
Square1A 1E 2E 3C 3D 4A 4B

Area 13 Complete

Note: Be sure to visit areas 14 and 15 before continuing to area 16.

Circle1B 1D 1E 2C 3A 3D 4B 4C 4F
Triangle1F 2D 3B
Square1A 1C 2A 2F 3C 4A 4E

Area 16 Complete (Final Boss)

Note: This is the final password the game gives players and will unlock the last few stages. To enter the final stages, select the fortress on the right side of the map.

Circle1A 1C 1F 2C 2F 3D 4C
Triangle1B 1D 2A 3C 3F 4D
Square1E 2B 2D 3A 3B 4A 4E 4F

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