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Release Data

Developer/Publisher: Stern Electronics

Release Date: August 1982

System: Atari 2600

Genre: Shooter

Players: 1


Berzerk is a 1980 arcade title which was ported to the Atari 2600 in 1982. The manual states that in the year 3200 a group of explorers visit a planet known as Mazeon, which is populated by killer robots called Auto-Mazeons and it is up to the player to avoid the robot army as well as escape their master, Evil Otto. Berzerk allows players to fire laser shots and move around in eight directions.  Touching the walls of the maze, a robot, laser beams, or Evil Otto will result in death. The object is to stay alive as long as possible and obtain a high score. Atari released several variations of this title each with it’s own slightly altered rules. Evil Otto is not present in some Berzerk variants, also the amount of points it takes to get a bonus life differs between versions.


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