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Release Data

Developer: Malibu Interactive

Publisher: Extreme Entertainment Group

Release Date: 1994

System: Sega Genesis

Genre: Isometric Shooter

Players: 1-2


BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat is a Sega Genesis shooter based on the mech combat tabeltop game of the same name. In Battletech players control a Madcat mech piloted by a clan warrior. Your goal is to complete five missions that involve attacking installations controlled by the Inner Sphere, which has been at war with the Clans for some time. 

As an Omnimech, the Madcat can be fitted with a variety of weapons from the pen and paper game that range from the humble machine gun to the devastating PPC. Players can choose their weapons loadout at the beginning of each mission. Many of the weapons can be charged up to deal more damage and all weapons require ammo that can be found in-mission.

The missions entail destroying important facilities and battling Inner Sphere defenders that include infantry, tanks, and mechs. The Madcat will heat up as it sustains damage and can explode if it overheats. Collecting coolant dropped by enemy mechs or found hidden in mission areas will reduce the Madcat’s heat levels. Three mechs are given to the player to attempt missions with, losing all three will result in a Game Over. 

This game allows players to continue a session at the beginning of a stage by using a password. It’s also possible to play with two players, with one player controlling the mech’s movement and the other operating weapons.


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