Asterix and the Great Rescue (Genesis)

Developer: Core Design ltd.

Publisher: Sega

Release Date: June, 1994

Genre: Platformer

System: Sega Genesis

Players: 1


Asterix and the Great Rescue is based on the French comic called Asterix the Gaul. In it, players control Asterix and Obelix as they attempt to rescue their friends (Getafix and Dogmatix) from the Romans who have invaded Gaul. To complete their goal, players will have to conquer six levels that are filled with deadly pitfalls and Roman legionaries. A boss waits at the end of each level.

Both Asterix and Obelix can defend themselves with a close range uppercut. They can also jump  onto platforms, duck, and even crawl. Players start with three health bars and will lose one every time they touch an enemy or hazard. Lose all of your health bars and your hero will lose a life. Falling into pits also costs players a life. Losing two lives will result in a game over, but players can continue several times and use passwords to start at the beginning of the level.

Players will also find helpful items that include coins (which increase the score), health restoring chicken, and potions that allow the heroes to throw fireballs. The super powerful bomb makes players tempoarily invincible. Such items can be found scattered around the stages.

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