Army Men Advance (GBA)

Developer: DC Studios

Publisher: The 3DO Company

Release Date: June 5, 2001

System: Game Boy Advance

Genre: Isometric Shooter

Players: 1


Sarge and Vikki must defend the Green Nation from the evil machinations of Plastro in Army Men Advance. This time around, Plastro has help from extraterrestrials and manages to capture our heroes. As an isometric shooter, Army Men Advance uses a top-down perspective. Every mission has its own objectives, but they all involve shooting at bad guys and avoiding damage. It is often necessary to find keys, hit switches, or even find a way to cross rivers in order to progress.

Players can start the game with Sarge or Vikki, though both heroes have the same missions and abilities. Weapons and health refills are placed in key locations in each stage. Some stages place players in control of vehicles such as the boat, in which players must clear a way through the bath by destroying obstacles. This game has twelve stages and allows players to continue via a password system.

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