Alisia Dragoon (Genesis)

Developer: Game Arts

Publisher: Sega

Release Date: February 1992 (NA)

Genre: Platformer/ARPG

System: Sega Genesis

Players: 1


Alisia Dragoon is a platformer with light RPG elements that was made for the Sega Genesis and released in 1992. An ominous silver star that has caused disasters in the past has returned to the Earth and it’s up to a young adventurer named Alisia to destroy the evil star along with the cult that serves it. Alisia has not come to this battle unarmed and can fire bolts of lightning that home in on enemies. The power of her lightning magic is determined by a meter that drains with use. Letting Alisia’s lightning power fully charge makes it possible to fire an extremely potent bolt that can clear the entire screen of enemies.

Alisia also has four pets that aid her in battle: a fire breathing dragon, a boomerang throwing lizard, a wyvern that can hit every enemy on the screen with a flash of lightning, and a living fireball that destroys its foes by smashing into them. Each pet has its own health bar and will die once its life is fully depleted. It’s possible to switch between pets freely during gameplay. Collecting certain powerups can not only heal Alisia’s pets, but also level them up, making them stronger. Players will also find potions and powerups that heal Alisia and make her lightning power more effective. Bosses that stand between Alisia and victory appear at the end of each area. There are eight stages overall.

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