Alien Trilogy (PS1)

Developer: Probe Entertainment

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment

Release Date: February 1996 (NA)

System: Sony PlayStation 

Genre: FPS 

Players: 1


Alien Trilogy is a first person shooter that is loosely based on the Alien movies. In it players control Ripley who must escape a colony that has been infested by Xenomorphs. Throughout her adventure Ripley will acquire shotguns, pulse rifles, and even flamethrowers that can be used against the various monstrous inhabitants of the colony. Ripley will also find extra ammo and helpful healing items hidden in destroyable creates.

The game itself is composed of several mission based stages that require the player to fight Xenomorphs, acquire various items needed to complete objectives, and generally explore the colony. Players are given a limited supply of health and ammunition, but can continue by using a password.

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