Plans for 2023

The coming year is going to bring a lot of changes for me, because I have another child on the way. I’ll be extra busy helping my wife for a good six months or so and I plan on taking it easy as far as expanding this site goes. I will still add new cheats and passwords on a weekly basis, but I am going to take a break from writing big walkthroughs.

That said, I will finish Shadow Hearts along with another guide I have been working on and hopefully get it posted by the end of December.

I’m looking forward to this break, because walkthroughs are really demanding projects and I have written quite a few of them over the years. That said, I’m going to play through a few games I wanted to cover and post their save files. I may also start on the Mega Man series for Game Boy and I will do boss guides for those games since they are less time intensive.

With any luck, I’ll get started on walkthroughs again in June. Feel free to add requests or suggestions for games that could use a brief guide, passwords, or a save file in the comment section.


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