Introducing Quick Reviews

In an effort to streamline my reviews, I’ve decided to include the score and a list of important points about the game along with my standard in depth review. I’m also going to try to shorten the overall length of my reviews, because after covering roughly 75 titles, I often feel like I’m repeating myself and I do not want these reviews to become boring for me or the reader. With that said, this only applies to my reviews and not those of others who write for this site, since they have their own styles, which I feel are best left alone. Finally, I’m looking for ways to make my walkthroughs more convenient for visitors. Currently, I try to outline everything in a table of contents as well as place the actual walkthrough at or near the beginning, so readers do not have to scroll through pages of basic info to get to what they need. In the future I may end up splitting walkthroughs into sections.

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