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   Our goal is to provide gamers with useful information, free of the intrusive advertisements that often appear on websites. Being independent also allows us to voice our opinions honestly without interference from advertisers. Unfortunately, not only does keeping this website running require tremendous amounts of time and energy, but it also costs money. By supporting with a monetary donation, you help ensure that we can continue our work without having to rely on ad revenue. We understand that not everyone is willing or able to contribute to this project, so we only ask that people give what they are willing and able to share. I thank everyone who contributes to this project in advance for not only bolstering our efforts, but for helping to make gaming more fun for everyone by enabling us to maintain our independence.

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Thank you for using our site! There are a variety of ways you can help us remain ad free and grow, all of which are safe and easy to use. Below is a list of ways in which you can support, choose what’s right for you!

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We offer a number of products through, ranging from shirts to posters. Purchasing these products is a great way to to show your love for and have something tangible in return. We add new items to our merchandise shop regularly and are open to suggestions, so let us know if we don’t have something you want. You can also view our stock on our merch page.


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You can donate through PayPal if you wish to make a one time gift. While donors are welcome to gift any amount they wish, we offer presents for the following amounts:

1 USD= Name in Hall of Sponsors.*

5 USD= Copy of our upcoming Ebook (A compilation of our passwords and guides for the classic Mega Man NES series) and name in Hall of Sponsors.

20 USD= You can request a review and/or guide for a retro game along with the prizes for the $1 & $5 donations.**

*Paypal donors are asked to provide a name (or pseudonym) and/or email so we can include you in the Hall of Sponors. Please contact with any questions or concerns.

**Please allow 1-3 months for request to be filled (some games, especially RPGs take time to complete and write for) and have a selection of 3 games ready in case we do not have access to your initial request.

Purchase Our EBooks (Coming Soon!)

We intend to convert our guides into PDF format and make them available for purchase in order to raise funds. Our first publication will feature Boss guides and passwords for the first six Mega Man games on the NES and is slated to be published in spring of 2018. Purchasing these books is an excellent way to support this project and get something in return.

Once again, thank you for your support!