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We strive to provide quality, unbiased reviews of retro games as well as guides and various other resources. RetroMaggedon is an independent publication made by gamers for gamers and our highest priority is service to the community. In order to fulfill our goals, we follow a set of standards, avoid conflicts of interest and disclose how this site is monetized.

How games are rated:

The following is a breakdown and explanation of the possible grades a game can receive:

A : Games that receive this grade excel in every area from graphics to gameplay mechanics. Smooth controls, fun/innovative gameplay, good story/concept, and great music are what makes a title worthy of an A.

B : The term “gem” comes to mind when describing a title that receives a B. Such games are very fun to play, but may have some obvious flaws.

C : This is the base line that separates good games from bad ones. C games are still fun and enjoyable but, they have flaws that drag down their quality and tend to be a bit generic. The term mediocre best describes these titles. Usually such titles are worth playing if you are a big fan of a genre or series, but probably wouldn’t appeal to most people.

D : Anything that gets a D just barely passes itself off as playable and is not very fun (if at all). Slippery or unresponsive controls, poorly realized or unfair gameplay mechanics, bugs, ugly graphics and bad music all come together to make a rather bad game that deserves a D.

F : Truly awful games are awarded an F. Such games are broken to the point that they are nearly unplayable and in some cases may actually be unplayable.

Finally, many games will have a + or after their letter grade, this indicates that a game was close to getting a higher or lower grade respectively. Games may also have a numerical score as well (I.E. 9/10), in such cases the individual who reviewed the title either initially used a numeric score and the editor included an equivalent letter grade or it was done in order to demonstrate a more precise measure of the game’s quality.

RetroMaggedon’s Standards

To ensure the accuracy of guides and that titles are reviewed fairly, our critics strive to finish every game they review. Of course some games cannot be beaten for various reasons, so we make sure we invest enough time in such titles to see what they have to offer. In rare cases where the reviewer was unable to complete the game, because of difficulty or another issue we will indicate that the game was not finished in the review.

Secondly, we take time to read and understand game manuals whenever possible in order to play the game properly. This rule may seem silly, but it is not unheard of for critics to give poor reviews to titles they didn’t know how to play. Understanding that you might need to hold the left bumper to look around or that you can swap out characters that are low on health in the middle of a fight can have a huge effect on a player’s experience with a particular title.

Last, but not least, those who write for RetroMaggedon.com only review games from genres in which they take interest. This ensures that the reviewer will not judge a game unfairly due to the fact that he or she lacks interest and/or experiance with that particular genre.


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