The Save Archive offers save files for various games on an assortment of emulators*. The game, emulator version number, and some brief information on the save are available on the download page for each specific save.


    To access saves for a specific emulator, click on the appropriate link below and select the desired title from the list. Upon downloading, you will need to extract a zipped file which was compressed using 7zip. Due to compatibility issues, only native saves are available. In order to use a save file you will need the specified emulator and possibly the correct version of the game. Pay attention to the version number and OS on which the emulator runs as well (although most of these files should work on different versions of each emulator and even across operating systems in some cases). You will also need to locate where the emulator stores saves (which varies from one app to another) and make sure the name of the save file matches that of the ROM or ISO. All saves are for the US version of the specified game, unless otherwise stated.

Click one of the links below for a list of saves for the desired emulator.


DOSbox for Windows (PC)

Nintendo DS (NDS)

desmume for Windows (PC)

DraStic for Android

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

FCEUX for Windows (PC)

NESTOPIA for Windows (PC)

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

SNES9x for Windows(PC)/Android

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Kega Fusion for Windows (PC)



**Attention** does not distribute or endorse the distribution of ROMs and ISOs. All download files are save files for games and not ROMs or ISOs. Please do not ask us where to find ROMs or ISOs files as the distribution of them is a violation of copyright laws.