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We specialize in reviews, guides, passwords and save files for retro video games across a wide array of systems. All of our articles have been written by expert gamers who have taken the time to play and experience every title they cover for themselves. In order in order to access our resources for a specific game, chose the appropriate platform in the “Games by System” menu and click on the desired game to view the Description Page which has links to any reviews, guides or other resources we may have available. Below is a brief breakdown of what services we offer.

Reviews: Most titles featured on this site have one or more reviews available that can be accessed via links found on their respective description pages. For more info on our review process click here.

Guides: Some titles featured on RetroMaggedon have guides written for them. These guides can range from basic tips guides to full walkthroughs. Each guide is given a descriptive title that indicates its contents and can be accessed via the description page for the appropriate game.

Save Archive: We offer save file downloads for a number of games that can be used with popular emulators. The Save Archive can be accessed from the top menu. Save files for specific games can be accessed from a link on that game’s description page as well.

Passwords: Many older titles used passwords in lieu of battery saves to allow players to continue a game from a certain point. Available passwords can be accessed through each game’s description page.

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